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3600 words, first more. The students recommended to the force, the small T first saw the book's historical approximation of the home page of the new book list. Soccer a new book, boarded the home page of the book list? All, the whole for you to call the shots! Request for tickets, points, and seeking to force! The second will be sent in the evening!
Had got up Chujiang holding the football, began to observe the situation in the field.
Cosenza players are back to back defense, <a href="http://www.authenticjerseyssuppliershop.com/">nfl jerseys china</a>&#65292; especially their two halfback run the most joy. Just when issued before the kick, that the two defender went to the Bulls restricted area involved in the attack. Therefore, they are from own half, and some far. At this moment, in Cosenza half, only a handful of four. In addition to the goalkeeper outside of Cosenza, the only two backs to stay in the backcourt defense. Cosenza half a Torino player, is the functional left wing of the Iraqi liberal arts. Iraqi liberal arts are standing at the front on the sidelines near the line, next to him, from his most recent one defensive player and he also has a period of not less than the distance.
"This is an opportunity!"
Chujiang holding the ball, ran hastily to the large edge of the area. Ran, he side towards the referee loudly roar, complaining about just a defensive ball, opposing players foul play Ogg Bonner. Just went to the restricted area, Chujiang aside the ball, a seemingly random Feet, kicked the ball forward on the sidelines line, then ran to the referee to continue to appeal.
"It looks like the new players are very generous attempts. Teammates eat dark loss, he took the initiative to speak out for his teammates."
Hear Chujiang angry yelling sound, the player the Cosenza team running back help slow down the pace of curious to see the scene the Chujiang to put pressure on the referee. Thus, the onlookers not only the Chinese people's hobbies, the people of all countries are bored.
When everyone agrees that Chujiang open Bigfoot just to pause the game, teammates complained to the referee when they have not noticed, the Feet Chujiang feet seemingly siege, actually very precise fall of the Iraqi liberal arts front. <a href="http://www.jerseysauthentichere.com/">wholesale nfl jerseys</a>&#65292; Iraqi Liberal Arts subconscious room to move, the ball and stopped. He looked back at a referee and linesman, neither hear the referee blow the whistle to stop the game and have not seen the linesman raised his offside flag. He hesitated a little, then bring up the ball, and went straight to Cosenza gantry away!
That player is responsible for defending Iraq liberal arts back looked at the referee and linesman, he found the start of the Iraqi liberal arts, catching already too late!
Single ball!
Iraqi liberal arts the ball Yiqijuechen, behind two Mingkesenzha of backs one after the other, struggling to catch up. The game time has come to the audience the first 83 minutes!
"Ooo, how cunning scene! I have to admit, I have just to deceive the Chinese goalkeeper. Seems to kick to the community outside the kick is actually an accurate long pass seemingly injustice by teammates succeed, but in reality is in order to paralysis of the attention of the visiting team all defensive player for the Bulls to create a single ball enough to kill the game suspense! this carefully calculated, so accurate long pass, hard to imagine from the face of immature the hands of the East Youth! It appears that we underestimated his strength! "
"Iraqi liberal arts still move forward with the ball, the other side of the goalkeeper select the abandoned gate attack! Iraqi liberal arts can grasp this opportunity, to bring a victory for the Bulls?"
"Ooo, foul! It was definitely a foul, no doubt on the conflict in Iraq liberal arts into the vicinity of the closed top, observe each other to attack the goalkeeper, Cosenza chasing back defender Jacques Flamini behind pulled the liberal arts in Iraq! This action is very clear, absolutely clear, but foul, let us look the main the referee (Ostinelli) how penalty! "
A "red card! Red card! <a href="http://www.nfljerseywholesaleauthentic.com/">nfl jerseys cheap</a>&#65292;directly to produce a red card and and Jacques Flamini sent off. This is a tactical foul, no doubt, the referee made the correct penalty Cosenza team for Turin The rapid counterattack pay the price of a red card, the rest of the game time, they will have to be 10 men. red card, and almost ruined the hope of the of Cosenza team attack, they will certainly take more of energy on defense to maintain the field current of a tie score will be their only hope and the pursuit!
The Lai Erda tightly Zuanjinquantou. For this clever Chujiang performance was pleasantly surprised, he regretted that Iraq liberal arts is not a success from the center, the main referee red card penalty are satisfied. However, the game is not over, not to relax when.
Full match of the regular time only the last five or six minutes, if you can not play in overtime, not much time left the Bulls. The closed top of the free kick opportunities, the bull is probably in the rest of the time available to the, best hope, at best may be the only chance!
Who who are qualified and have the ability, able to withstand the suffocating pressure to kick this vital kick?
Lai Erda in hesitation.
Torino players also hesitant.
Lai Erda looked a Garofalo (Garofalo), the 25-year-old Italian left-back has always been the first choice of the Bulls kick, who Torino scored some direct free kick. His kick is second to none in the bull array, but that was before Chujiang joining things.
Chujiang in joining the Bulls in training every day, have demonstrated their excellent free kick talent. Kick kick techniques, so that all of his teammates and coaches to whom praise is recognized in the Turin team a free kick expert.
However, training is training. Now, the Bulls face but a formal competition, but also a brutal knockout.
Winner into the next one; loser straight home!
The last five minutes, the best scoring opportunities! The ball into the penalty, you will dominate the game hero; and missed the ball, you will likely become the scapegoat for the team lost!
Heaven or hell, God or the devil, <a href="http://www.cheapjerseysauthenticshop.com/">wholesale jerseys from china</a>&#65292; all in the step between
Such pressure, the age of a 17-year-old child, an never played in the race rookie, he can accept the deregulation?
Garofalo stand up.

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